Terrier Noir de Russie - chiots

Nous avons des chiots nés le 31 juillet 2020

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Previous puppies

Two girls from March litter (parents: Messalina & Ermak).



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Astra Fidelis Katrinka - 9 weeks old:

Astra Fidelis Kiprian & Korfanty - 9 weeks old:

Below puppies from previous litters

Astra Fidelis LESTER (4 months old):










I love the head like this one ♥♥♥:

Foto 15.09.2014:

Foto 09.09.2014:

First snow this winter 2014-01-25:

Puppies - 5 days old:

fot.K.Kwiatkowski 08.12.2013

Below you can find pictures and movies from previous litter (born in 2012). The newest pictures and informations from dog shows you can find in "NEWS"


green boy:

brown boy:

white boy:

Puppies - 25days

Puppies - 1 week:

The father of the puppies - Laureat YT (fot. I.Yablonka)

Black Russian Terrier puppies.

When choosing a Black Russian Terrier puppy you shouldn't be guided by emotions. The choice shouldn't be taken lightly, but thoughtfully and seriously. You have to ask ourselves whether you would like in the future to taste the excitement of the participating in the dog shows. If so, when choosing a puppy, you look carefully at dog's parents and ancestors, you have to explore some pedigree. Very important is also the character of our little terrier, this helps us experienced breeder who will present you not only the advantages but also problems that may arise. It is worth finding a real breeding, where puppy's right is most important for the breeder. Check if the puppy's parents are screened for hip dysplasia, although this study in our breed is not a mandatory part of the breeders who care for the welfare of the breed freely overexpose their dogs. With this information increases the chance of buying a healthy dog. Even if you do not plan to show your black terrier at dog shows, check how looks the parents, and check if they features (nature, anatomy, growth, hair) are like you are lookin for, check if they have any show achievements - this information will help you determine whether your baby will be close to your idea. Unfortunately, there is a lot of breedings oriented only for profit, or those completely random, where the puppies appear without thinking which results later in the quality of puppies and adult dogs.

All interested in the purchase of black terrier be warned that most often does not end with the only one BRT in the house ;-)