International transport of a black terrier puppy

I invite you to pick up your puppy at my home, we will talk, have a coffee and you will see how the little one plays with its mother. However, if you are not able to pick up the puppy in person, I can organize international transport of your black terrier puppy to your home. Here are prices to some destinations (ask about others):

England:       £290 - 350 
Scotland:      £370 - 450
Wales:          £320 - 350
Northern Ireland: £450
Ireland :        450 Euro
Germany:      120 - 250 Euro
Austria:          290 Euro
France:          120 - 320 Euro
Italy:              from 300 Euro
Spain:            450 Euro
Switzerland:   290 Euro
USA:              $1350

There are no impossible destinations. I've shipped even to so tough countries like Bermudas or Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

This is safe and affordable puppy door-to-door delivery to your home or to the nearest airport. I organise everything so you don't have to worry about the details. I'm responsible for your puppy during transport, so you don't need to buy separate transport insurance.

Of course you can also come and pick up your puppy at my home or organise transport on your own.