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Welcome to AstraFidelis kennel, where you can buy black Russian terrier puppies. If you are looking for a puppy from the best breeding lines (in the pedigree there are outstanding representatives of the breed, including World Winners, European Winners, Interchampions, Champions of many countries), raised at home with children and with pets, I will be happy to answer your questions.

About the black terrier breed

This breed was established in the territory of the former Soviet Union, approved in 1981. The Russians tried to obtain a dog with universal utility values, which was to be used in the army and in border guards. The following breeds were used to create it: giant schnauzer, rottweiler, airedale terrier, newfoundland.

Black Terrier is a "one man" dog, he needs a consistent and calm owner. Despite this, she gets along very well with the rest of the family. It tolerates other animals in its environment. He is very balanced and patient, thanks to which children can feel safe with him. And yet there is nothing more pleasant than cuddling up to a large, shaggy "teddy bear". And here's an important note: Russian terriers require intensive care of their coat. If you think that in his case a bath once a year is enough, you are wrong. To be able to enjoy the beautiful and well-groomed hair of our companion, you need to remember about regular baths and haircuts (at least once every 2 months) and brushing out the undercoat. Neglect, inadequate care often ends in tangles, inflammations, which in turn leads to the need to shave the entire hair.

What is the black terrier like?

Black terrier is a tough dog, resistant to various environmental conditions, not susceptible to diseases, with a balanced temperament, alert but not hyperactive. He is distrustful of strangers, courageous and self-confident. It is perfect for training and learns very quickly. She loves working with her guide, she doesn't like monotony. Works great as a guardian of our belongings. But he is not a dog "for a kennel", he is not suitable for a playpen, he loves being surrounded by his owners, although he is not an imposing dog. Its size does not bother even a small apartment. Usually, he lies down in a quiet place and observes his surroundings. Thanks to his intelligence, he can perfectly assess the degree of threat, reacting only when he decides that the situation requires it.

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